Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blackburn Rovers are the league champions!

Sam Allardyce..chewing away!

Sorry for the misleading title but isn't it shocking to read? Blackburn Rovers are actually the champions of Extra Excitement League in a study done by chewing gum brand, Wrigley's Extra.

In a study done by the brand based upon the excitement levels of fans of 20 clubs in the top division Blackburn Rovers fans are revealed to be running a high heart beat rate and cortisol levels in four seperate games in the season.

The clubs were awarded a maximum of 50points based on their fans' heart beat and cortisol levels before, during and after the break. Rovers finished on top with 189 points and surpassed third place Manchester United (who won the league in real!) who ended up with 187 points.

The adrenalin of a league game and the excitement that comes along is higher than that of driving a high speed car on a racing track and minutely lesser than a white knuckle ride.

Also its not just the goals that get the excitement soaring, firing wide, open goal and even referee blowing the whistle to show a red card get the blood to gush through the veins.

Sadly, Newcastle United finished on the bottom of the list despite their huge fanbase and the sound they make. Maybe it has more to do with their lack of excitement at the end as the results rarely went in their favour.

I find it funny that the gum is described as "fans' favourite". :D

The Extra Excited League Table 2008/09

1 Blackburn Rovers 189
2 Arsenal 188
3 Manchester United 187
4 Wigan Athletic 186
5 Bolton Wanderers 185
6 Liverpool 185
7 West Bromwich Albion 183
8 Chelsea 180
9 Manchester City 178
10 Stoke City 177
11 Aston Villa 176
12 Portsmouth 174
13 Tottenham Hotspur 174
14 West Ham United 173
15 Middlesbrough 171
16 Hull City 168
17 Fulham 168
18 Everton 167
19 Sunderland 161
20 Newcastle United 157

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