Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Robbie Savage sleepwalks!

One of most hated players in England, Robbie Savage has a serious problem of sleepwalking.(Daily Star)

The player known for his cheating and his "ability" to get opposition players booked has made him widely hated as he featured in our Top 5 Dirtiest Players list too.

His situation of sleep walking is so extremely bizarre that he has taken a nap in the fridge once and on another occasion got a team mate out of bed because he thought the hotel was going to be hit by the train!

I wonder even in the fridge did he try to cheat and steal something? Considering the guy can go down even by the referee's hand! I really feel sorry for team mate though. 1.He's sharing his room with an idiot. and 2.the idiot calling Leicester City v Liverpool as a BIG match?!

That probably explains why he's such an idiot on the pitch as well.



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