Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wenger's bonus point idea

Arsenal manager,Arsene Wenger keeping sync with FIFA boss,Sepp Blatter(limiting foreign based players and Ronaldo a "slave" comments) and UEFA president,Michel Platini's(6+5 idea) views to make the footballing world a better place has voiced out another idea to make the league "more attacking".

Wenger told the club's official magazine,"A fairer system would be three points for a victory as now, then extra points for your positive goal difference."

So what he's suggesting is 3 points for a win,then a subsequent bonus point for the goal difference and the losing team getting nothing.

The format is already in use in the rugby union where a team gets 4 points for a win,2 points for a draw,1 bonus point for scoring 4 or more tries,1 bonus point for losing by 7 points or fewer. Interesting idea to promote attacking play and notable here is how the losing team also fetches a point(unlike in football).

It would be very interesting to see this idea implemented in the Premiership with the goals per game ratio going down from 2.64 last year to 2.45 this year. We have seen many 1-0 wins this season and many teams parking their team bus in front of the goal after getting a minimum goal advantage or wasting time in the ending few minutes.

However,it would come at the price. This would mean the gap between “the big four” and the rest of the league would only increase. The big four are the highest scorers this season and would only benefit from this idea.



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