Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rovers come from behind to down Spurs

This was one game which was not short of controversies.Spurs opened the scoring at the 30 minute mark through Robbie Keane who slotted home from the penalty spot.

The penalty awarding is in itself a dubious decision with the ball hitting the defender with some distance from an attempted Lennon cross.It was more of ball to hand than of hand to ball.

The placement of the ball on the penalty spot was a little doubtful too with Robbie Keane placing the ball not entirely on the 18 yard spot but the ball fairly touching the mark.

Spurs went into the locker room with a goal advantage.

The second half produced much the same of what the first did.Spurs players put many balls in the area but Rovers defenders were equal to it or weren't expected by Keane or Bent.

The game changed in favour of Rovers when Palacios was given his marching orders.The replay showed he didn't touch the player or the ball in all fairness.

Rovers took advantage of Spurs' lack of defensive players availability with goals from Mcarthy in the 82nd minute and Ooijer in the 89th minute.

Both goals came courtesy Spurs' horrible man marking as both players were left totally unmarked in the box to slot the ball home.

This is a fabulous result for Rovers who're down on the bottom of the table and would boost their hopes of staying in the Premiership.

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