Thursday, May 29, 2008

England vs USA,Review

England win the friendly 2-0 against USA with goals from John Terry and Steven Gerrard.

John terry,captain of the day, who had missed the penalty which could have won his club Chelsea the title had been reeling under the effects of it for the past week and it was clearly visible when he headed in from a typical England play with David Beckham taking charge of the dead ball situations.John Terry, who could barely hide his emotions ran toward Beckham and hugged the usual England captain.England were up 1-0 after 38mins.

The second goal came in the second half,when Gareth Barry who had come on for not more than 2minutes made a fantastic pass for Steven Gerrard who easily tucked it in the left bottom corner from his right foot.

Other parts of the game were dominated with substitutions with manager,Fabio Capello having a look at almost the entire squad.

USA had chances few and far between.They had an attacking spell on the start of the second half with Johnson who came very close to squaring the game from 10yards out as David James was completely beaten.

England had a great game with many chances being created and in my view Jermaine Defoe was top notch.He hit the target on so many occasions and should have made the scoreline much more promising.Another positive out of the game would be a clean sheet for England.England players who on the close of season didn't look to be exhausted and tired for this friendly.
Overall,England get 8.5/10 stars but it remains to be seen how they perform with a stronger opposition with USA not proving to be a match for England's dominance in the midfield.



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