Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Arsenal not to become another Chelsea

Arsenal director Danny Fiszman insists that the London side will continue to be guided by prudent fiscal management, and thus will not seek to emulate Chelsea's 'benefactor model', i.e. they will not go looking for a 'sugar daddy'.

Arsenal are again going the road they have been driving up and down for the past few seasons.Arsenal director Danny Fiszman and Arsene Wenger both have come out and shattered the dreams and hopes of Gunner fans of seeing a high profile signing for the next season and possibly raising chances of a trophy.Although we all have seen how Arsene Wenger can turn a youngster into a prodigy or an exciting prospect nonetheless.Only problem I see with signing youngsters after another youngster is that they loose their cool in the crunch moments, which is visible from the fact that Arsenal had a disgraceful season in respect of discipline.The average age of arsenal squad could not be more than 22,am sure of this fact.
Isn't it high time Arsene Wenger get some experience,skill,class and temperament to the Emirates?



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