Friday, April 03, 2009

Bruce loses cool with Zaki

Wigan boss Steve Bruce will fine Egyptian striker, Amir Zaki for his late return from international duty.

Zaki was due to be back in Wigan on Tuesday,nearly 36hours after his game against Zambia.His country and club mate,Mido however was on time.

This is the fourth time Zaki has missed the deadline to return from international duty.He has faced heavy fines in the previous three occasions.

The club have received a fax from the Egyptian team doctor saying the player has a hamstring injury but that has not been backed up by a required scan.

Bruce on his part was justified to be livid with the player who isn't having the best of times with the Latics. He had this to say :

"I really am at the end of my tether with him,"

"Before this latest incident, Zaki had already been fined considerably more than the average person in Britain earns in a year and he will now face another heavy fine.

"This is the fourth time he has not reported back on time from international training.

"I have already fined him the maximum allowed but this just seems to have no effect.

"I am now fearful that if I don't take firm action, it will disrupt the rest of my squad, who - to a man - behave totally professionally."



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