Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go Tipsters : For your footie tips!

Am sure many of us have at one point of time been involved in placing bets with friends or on a larger scale with big money splashing.The bet could be about the score,the goal difference or who would score.Hell,bets are placed on if someone would get a red card or no.But how do we ensure that we win?Simple.Just analyse their previous performances and also their performance with that team in the past and you could guess the outcome.

The problem arises where you don't know where to look for all of these information.That's where GoTipster steps in.Not only do they provide you with comprehensive information about the squad of the teams but also their performances in the run up to the game.

These are just not limited to your betting games with friends but serious knowledge of the game and to think it could be just limited to one league.You're wrong.The website covers everything from Serie A,Premiership,La Liga to utterly boring International Friendlies too!

In the end it also provides their prediction going into the game.Now you would want to believe such experienced football enthusiasts ,wouldn't you?

Also,if you think this guy must have a good hunch then,sir you're wrong,again! They have a 60% accurate prediction rate so these are very good odds,right?

Next time you call your betting person or meet your friends,make sure you check Go Tipster!


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