Friday, March 27, 2009

Sir Alex to quit if they win title : Son

Sir Alex Ferguson's son,Darren Ferguson has claimed the Scot could step down if they win the Premiership title.

Sir Alex has been at Manchester United since 1986 and has brought numerous titles to add to the Red Devil's trophy cabinet.

He had done a u-turn seven years ago when he turned 60 and there has been constant speculation when he would actually step down.

There had been many reports earlier with his replacement being Carlos Queiroz who currently heads the Portuguese national side.

However,his son,Darren Ferguson thinks he would step down if the Reds win the title this season.

Manchester United's title hopes have been jittery in the past few weeks with two consecutive losses to Liverpool and Fulham.Liverpool who are on Manchester United's heels have been performing stupendously with recent demolition of Aston Villa.

Darren said this of his father :

"His health is fine and he's building a new team.

If they win (the Premier League) this year then they catch Liverpool in terms of titles won.

I can see him doing this year and next - and then that might be it for him."

Manchester United are one behind Liverpool's 18 english league titles.

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