Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Real Madrid news

Real Madrid tid-bits from football-o-sphere.

Real Madrid have decided against buying back Alvaro Negredo from Almeria.The deadline expired last night and no deal was struck.If Madrid does plan to buy the player next season they would have to shell out a further million euros to the asking price of £2.5 million.

Real Madrid keeper Jordi Codina admits he's on his way to Benefica.Benefica have already acquired Javier Balboa and would top it off with the keeper deal.
The youngster revealed: "I look forward with confidence the prospect of playing for Benfica."

Atletico Madrid have raided city rivals Real Madrid and have the future in mind where they are looking for young midfielder,Claudio Giraldez.
Giraldez,19,was a regular with Real Madrid B and is part of the U-19 Spanish national side.He has been with Madrid since the age of 13.
He is likely to start with Atletico B but may get the chance to play the senior squad as well in the pre season matches.



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