Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mourinho : No Lampard..FOR NOW

"Lampard to San Siro not this season" : Mourinho

Speaking to The Sun,Mourinho said the transfer of Lampard to Inter Milan is unlikely this season.
Mourinho had taken over at Inter Milan in June and he was their prime target as revealed by Inter President as well.
Lampard's contract is set to expire in a years time.The signing of Deco by Chelsea has also fueled reports for Lampard's exit but Mourinho is in no hurry to bring the Englishman to his squad.
Mourinho claimed,
This season? I don't think so."

Why won't he? Well, it's not because we don't want him to, but I'm sure Chelsea and Chelsea's officials don't want to sell him.

"However, for the next season it will be easier for him to join me at Inter.

"I'm 100 per cent sure in 2009/2010 he will be playing here."

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