Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro 2008 Final Watch : Referee

Italian referee Roberto Rosetti will be the man in the middle for the final game of the Euro 2008.

This 40year old hospital director will have the whistle in his mouth and would most certainly have to take tough decisions when the play starts in a few hours from now.
Refereeing since 1983 and for professional football in Serie A since 1996.Received the FIFA badge in 2002.
Most famously,he refereed the semi-final game between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge thus earning the praise of several UK tabloids.
He has previously refereed the World Cup in 2006 where he had given out an average of 3.75 yellow cards a game but never has he given a red card.
In the current Euro 2008 he has been part of controversy only when he allowed two additional minutes in extra time in the game between Turkey and Croatia after Croatia had scored in the 119th minute for Turkey to score in the 122nd minute,thus going to penalties which Croatia lost in.
Hope the play goes on smoothly as he has always done.

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