Sunday, September 13, 2009

Manchester City v Arsenal : Top 10 Conclusions

Adebayor runs riot at Eastlands

Manchester City 4-2 Arsenal, at City of Manchester stadium.

Top 10 Conclusions :

  1. Arshavin missing due to injury was perhaps a great blow for Arsenal.
  2. If Adebayor had played 50% of what he played today for Gunners, he would be living in London and not have giant poster of his face on the floor of Manchester's malls.
  3. Rosicky back after 20 months and scoring is a great prospect for Arsenal's ever dwindling squad due to injuries.
  4. Adebayor's celebration in front of the Arsenal fans on the opposite end of the field was totally uncalled for. Deserved the yellow.
  5. Adebayor's stomp on Van Persie's head went unnoticed and now might go unobserved by the FA. (Video)
  6. 47,339 attendance for the game is the most for a Premier League game at Manchester City's home.
  7. Despite all what was said about Manchester City spending but lacking the extreme firepower to be part of the elite "Top 4", they've certainly silenced the critics. For now.
  8. Arsenal could have equalised late in the second half with the Barry handball in the box not given and Van Persie hitting the bar.
  9. Manchester City conceded the first goal of their campaign today.
  10. Now despite playing good quality football, Arsenal have two losses to show of it.

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