Saturday, September 05, 2009

VoTD : Is Eduardo the only cheat?

Eduardo was banned for two games from UEFA Champions League after he was found to have dived to get a penalty for Arsenal against Celtic at the Emirates. However, this ruling came after video footage was analysed by people at UEFA. Arsenal have appealed against the ruling. Its actually a confusing matter as both the parties are correct on their parts.
1. Arsenal side - If he was found to have been cheating then why was there no action taken during the game? Also, the whole episode was blown out of proportion by Celtic and the Scottish Football Association.

2. UEFA's side - They need to maintain and keep the game clean which had not been the case for quite some time. There had been way too many play actings which probably was the reason why Chelsea-Barcelona semi final was marred with controversial decisions.

Nonetheless, in the following video we see a great compilation of cheating and diving by certain Manchester United players. Aptly created by ManUnitedCheat.

Disclaimer : This video is an indication of the views held by the user who created the video and not endorsed by me. Any rants of Anti-United chants against me will be treated with a strict scorn. :D

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