Friday, July 10, 2009

Everton sign Peterlin

Anton Peterlin signs for Everton

Everton have signed young American midfielder Anton Peterlin who had impressed Moyes during trials in March.

The 22 year old player had been playing in the fourth division of US football league before he went for trials to the Merseyside club.

He was delighted to make it to a big club like Everton and aimed to even make appearances as a substitute.

It's great to be here.

I had a trial in early March and found out that Everton wanted me in April time. I was really taken aback when I heard.

I've been blown away by everything at the club because, compared to the States, it's a lot different.

My hope is to make my way and show the manager I can do well. If I can get on the bench and get off the bench this season, that would be fantastic.

He also aspires to be improve on his tackling skills.

My strength is probably passing, mostly, because my vision's not bad.

I'm getting better at my tackling, which is good because this is a very physical division.

Lately, I'd say I like to play a little like Michael Carrick - though I wouldn't compare myself to him just yet. We just have similar attributes.

I like to aspire to be like Patrick Vieira. I work hard and I pride myself on that. He worked hard and he never shied away from a tackle.

I try never to shy away from a tackle - I always go in there to win the ball.

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