Friday, June 12, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo : 5 Personal terms

After Real Madrid's bid to acquire Ronaldo was confirmed today by Manchester United it was only down to resolving the personal terms between the club and the player himself. From our very secretly placed sources inside the Bernabeu board room we present to you the top 5 personal terms he wanted the club to agree upon.So here we go.

1.50 Condoms a week.Ok make that Weekdays only. More on weekends and for every goal scored over the weekend.

2.Prostitutes to be sent to the apartment as an after practice "cool down" effect.

3.$10,000 for every penalty earned.Money is hard to get!

4.Pink caps and lilies for goals against Barcelona and Manchester United(if it were to take place).So that makes it condoms + lilies + caps. A great day at the office!

5.He can go on a "rampage" like Pepe and the club would be liable to get him out of being banned.He can do what he wants!

If we get more information from underneath the table where Perez sits with his chequebook leafs already signed and it looks like the next cheque is to pay Valencia for a player whose name starts with a D.Its hazy!

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