Monday, August 04, 2008

Newcastle United gets an Indian bid!

Newcastle United gets two bids from far east!

Newcastle United has received takeover bids from two companies based in Asia.

The first is Indian company,Reliance Communications which is owned by Anil Ambani.
The quoted price is around 260million pounds and complete takeover is seeked.

Although,these reports have been rubbished by Newcastle United and their current owner Mike Ashley who admitted he was sitting on a a very expensive chair.

The second bid has been received by Singapore based,Profitable Group which has former Liverpool player Steve Mcmahon on its board.

Analysts say the only problem for the bids being accepted is Newcastle's reluctance to sell the club for less than 300million pounds.

Anil Ambani has been understood to opt for a different club if they are asked to pay more for the Toons.He is also expected to invest 100million pounds in new players.

As an Indian,it would really make me proud that an Indian company acquires a club in the Premiership.I mean how much preference do we give to football over cricket anyway?Hope the things change now.

What does everyone think about this prospective buyout?



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