Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Euro 2008 : Schedule

We all need to update ourselves on when the matches are and what team is leading the group stages,right?
Why not download the following file and then update it as and when matches happen or I will keep updating the file as and when matches complete so look out for this space too for updated file.
You can download the file from here

This is brought to you by EXCELY and the online version is available on Flesport

Don't think you require all that stuff and just want to check it out all here?? Keep reading..

Sat June 7th
18:00 Switzerland vs Czech Repuiblic, Grp A (Basle)
20:45 Portugal vs Turkey, Grp A (Geneva)

Sun June 8th
18:00 Austria vs Croatia, Grp B (Vienna)
20:45 Germany vs Poland, Grp B (Klagenfurt)

Mon June 9th
18:00 Romania vs France, Grp C (Zurich)
20:45 Netherlands vs Italy, Grp C (Berne)

Tue June 10th
18:00 Spain vs Russia, Grp D (Innsbruck)
20:45 Grece vs Sweden, Grp D (Salzburg)

Wed June 11th
18:00 Czech Republic vs Portugal, Grp A (Geneva)
20:45 Switzerland vs Turkey, Grp A (Basle)

Thu June 12th
18:00 Croatia vs Germany, Grp B (Klagenfurt)
20:45 Austria vs Poland, Grp B (Vienna)

Fri June 13th
18:00 Italy vs Romania, Grp C (Zurich)
20:45 Netherlands vs France, Grp C (Berne)

Sat June 14th
18:00 Sweden vs Spain, Grp D (Innsbruck)
20:45 Greece vs Russia, Grp D (Salzburg)

Sun June 15th
20:45 Switzerland vs Portugal, Grp A (Basle)
20:45 Turkey vs Czech Republic, Grp A (Geneva)

Mon June 16th
20:45 Poland vs Croatia, Grp B (Klagenfurt)
20:45 Austria vs Germany, Grp B (Vienna)

Tue June 17th
20:45 Netherlands vs Romania, Grp C (Berne)
20:45 France vs Italy, Grp C (Zurich)

Wed June 18th
20:45 Greece vs Spain, Grp D (Salzburg)
20:45 Russia vs Sweden, Grp D (Innsbruck)

QUARTER-FINALS (A1 = 1st in Group A, etc)

Thu June 19th - QF1
20:45 A1 vs B2 (Basle)

Fri June 20th - QF2
20:45 B1 vs A2 (Vienna)

Sat June 21st - QF3
20:45 C1 vs D2 (Basle)

Sun June 22nd - QF4
20:45 D1 vs C2 (Vienna)

Mon June 23rd and Tue June 24th
Find something else to do. Shopping?


Wed June 25th
20:45 QF1 vs QF2 (Basle)

Thu June 26th
20:45 QF3 vs QF4 (Vienna)

Fri June 27th to Sat June 28th
Build up to final and pleasurable absence of Third Place Playoff

Sun June 29th
20:45 FINAL (Vienna)

Need a wall version of the schedule to stick to the wall or the fridge??
Download the PDF provided by Euro 2008 World Cup blog



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