Friday, September 05, 2008

..King Kev exits too

Kevin Keegan has quit Newcastle United.

After Alan Curbishley's exit yesterday,its the turn of Kevin Keegan at Newcastle United.

St.James' Park had been under dark clouds for the past three days with no presence of Keegan on the pitch,training the players.And heavy speculation of either Keegan leaving or Executive director,Dennis Wise leaving.

The former turned out to be true.Kevin Keegan has handed out his resignation a few hours back through the League Managers Association website which also took the Magpies by surprise.

The reason for Keegan's premature departure is the same as with Curbishley's resignation over the lack of say of the managers in the transfer activity of the club.

The major reason is when owner,Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise wanted to sell off Michael Owen and Joey Barton in the summer transfer window which didn't go down well with the "man in charge".

It didn't get any better when new signings Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez arrived on the final day who both weren't on "King Kev's" wishlist.

Talks had been going on for the past two days to keep Keegan at Newcastle and an angry set of Jeordie's didn't wait to express their displeasure when the news broke out by calling for the head of Ashley.

However things didn't go as planned as Keegan resigns and leaves Newcastle looking for their sixth manager in four years.He had been in charge of 21 games when he took over in the winter of 2007/08 season.

Dennis Wise is the safest bet right now to replace King Kev who had earlier been manager at Tyneside for 5years(1992-97) and has faced the effects of the game changing from a sport to a marketing gimmick for billionaires to maximize their profits and leave the image of the game to be the least important thing.

Frankly I thought things would work out for Newcastle as I really expected Keegan to stay but I think Newcastle managerial position is a very hard place to fit in to right now.

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