Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ferguson : No rush to replace Queiroz

Sir Alex : We won't rush to replace Queiroz.

Sir Alex spoke to media after Manchester United's 2-0 win victory over Aberdeen in their Pre-season friendly.
Carlos Queiroz,who took over the post of Portuguese national team manager after Luis Felipe Scolari moved to Chelsea.Queiroz had earlier been highly linked with the post by the Portuguese media.(read here)
Queiroz who was in charge of many duties at Manchester United would be a huge difference to how Manchester United plays and how the transfer deals are affected due to this.
There have been many names linked to the job such as Laurent Blanc,Brian Mclair and former Liverpool assistant,Pako Ayesteran.

Ferguson had this to say :

"There's nobody in mind and no timescale. We take our time on these things because we've got a good staff. We have never made a quick appointment.

"It's always disappointing to lose good men and Carlos was a good man. He was honest and very loyal to me. He was also a very good coach who brought a lot of initiatives that we have acted upon in recent years."

"I knew when Portugal came in for him that it was going to be difficult for us."

How would Manchester United progress without Queiroz?Would it be the same?This would undoubtedly put more pressure on Sir Alex as a manager as he would have to attend to every player individually and on every aspect.I think they should appoint someone as number two before the start of the season.
What do you think?



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