Saturday, June 14, 2008

Match 13 : Italy vs Romania : Report

Group C,Round two.
From the previous round,Italy had lost to Netherlands and Romania had a horribly boring game with France which ended in a draw.So both teams were out to get full points to get a lead in the group of "death".
Italy manager,Donadoni was blasted for his starting 11 against Netherlands and had 5changes for the second game with Del Piero starting along with Toni.
Italy looked the better of the two teams going into the game and then at half time with a goal by Toni ruled offside when it clearly wasn't.Poor decision by the referee to deny Italy the goal.
In the 55th minute Italy's defensive laps was made visible when Zambrotta tried to head the ball towards Buffon only to be intercepted by Mutu who completed a great finish to give Romania the undeserved lead.
Italy looked like they were going to score and they did.Only a minute after Romania's goal,Panucci equalised for Italy with a simple but necessary tap in.
In the 81st minute,Panucci did a wrestling tackle which many wrestlers would have been proud of by bringing down Niculae.Mutu stepped up to take the penalty only to be fabulously saved by Buffon.Romania could have sunk the ship for the Italians but have been saved by Mutu's not so great penalty and Buffon's save.
Italy,world champions,down and out?possibly?



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